FlickrQ lets you schedule your uploads to Flickr. Queuing your photographs could not be quicker or easier!

Why is this useful?

  • Upload a photo of the day or 365 project image even if you can’t get to a computer.
  • Rather than uploading several photos at once, space out your uploads. This will help keep your images on your friends’ homepages (in the section showing recent uploads from your contacts).  A regularly updated photostream will also mean people check it more often. As a result you will get more views, comments and favorites.
  • Schedule your uploads for the time of day that gets you the most interactions.
  • FlickrQ is web-based so you don’t have to download any software or leave your computer running for it to work.


  • At the moment you cannot upload images larger than 2500px along the long edge.
  • At the moment you cannot automatically add photos to sets or groups (you have to go to Flickr and do this manually, once the image has uploaded).

The easiest way to understand how FlickrQ works is to give it a go!